Private Events

Are you after the most wicked party in Sydney?

Your friends will be completely envious of your choice when inviting in one of Sydney’s best party bands to play at your private event. And the neighbours? Sure invite them too. Greg Byrne is the perfect fit for any private events you have planned.

Greg will make sure everyone feels alive and ready to groove!

Private Event Snaps

For most events a recommended budget of around $1600 to $4500 is advised
although many people choose a budget outside these figures.

For out of Sydney destinations extra charges apply.

Private Event Options:


Combination 1

  • Lead Vocal /Acoustic Guitar/ Stomp box
  • Vocal/ Bass

Combination 2

  • Lead Vocal/ Acoustic Guitar
  • Cajon (percussive wooden box)

Combination 3

  • Lead Vocal/ Acoustic Guitar/Stomp Box
  • Female Singer


Combination 1

  • Lead Vocal/ Electric Guitar
  • Drums
  • Vocal /Bass

Combination 2

  • Lead Vocal/ Electric Guitar
  • Drums
  • Keyboard/ Left handed Bass

Combination 3

  • Lead Vocal/ Acoustic Guitar/ Stomp Box
  • Vocal / Bass
  • Female Singer

 4, 5 & 6 Piece



A four piece line can be an add on to a trio combination of EITHER saxophone, trumpet, keyboard player or a female singer.




Having a five piece line up can allow some interesting combinations and create an even more enhanced party vibe such as:

– Lead Vocal/ Electric Guitar, Drums, Vocal / Bass, Saxophone and Trumpet
– Lead Vocal/ Electric Guitar, Drums, Vocal / Bass, Keyboard and a Female Singer




The possibilities are endless!


Have you got an upcoming private event?

If so please don’t hesitate to contact Greg to see how he can help make the music at your private event one to remember!

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